Terms of Service :

1 - These conditions apply to both the design of a site , a style or installation of any script or design cards or any type of design or Web Graphics.
2 - Customer must select the desired style followed in the design of the colors and format and other aspects a clear and detailed ( formal - Pop - Fun ... etc).
3 - design is presented to the customer body image png premiere and after accreditation is required from the work of cutting and the creation and distribution of css and Development or prone on the site without providing any data until the final acceptance of the site.
4 - if there is an error determined by designer after delivery For the client request for amendment by shining five days from the date of receipt of work by Support Tickets topmaxtech.net .
5 - We apologize for any application or design that contains pictures of women or any pornographic images or indecent , and we apologize for providing any services to any site that contains thinks illegal and violations of the design was not in it.
6 - We commit ourselves to execute the request for design as stated in the client's request literally.
7 - The Client undertakes its obligation not to undermine in any way the rights of design, in the case of a breach are entitled TOPMAXTECH to take any action it deems appropriate and that there was a desire to remove the rights will be paid an additional amount of 100 dollars.
8 - Customer must follow the application first hand, the right TOPMAXTECH cancel any requests for more than a month because of the negligence or delay in responding to client and follow-up.
9 - do not offer any way in any way files are open source.
10 - are not entitled to use the design or installed in any other locations unless prior approval of the TOPMAXTECH .
11 - TOPMAXTECH is A non-binding to provide the files work again because of the loss of the client broke the location, or loss of data in any way
12 - Do not start implementing any requests only after receiving the full amount for individuals and for companies and institutions
13 - customer the right is entitled to reclaim the amount in the case of delay Get the job done the duration of the work 5 days at least.
15 - Time work in Site one week only from the date of receipt of all data site .
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